Israeli Heavy Metal Band to Become Turkish Citizens


This piece is posted by an Israel news site. Before I let you read it, I want to say a thing or two.

There are a lot of people who immigrated to Israel from Turkey after foundation of the state. If you wonder from where and how Jewish people came into Turkey in the first place, well I don’t want to turn this into a history lecture so I immadeatly ┬ácut to the chase, they are accepted by Ottoman Empire after they exiled. (Like in the case of Polish) They have lived in peace with local muslim community and the state causing almost none recorded uprisings. And their grandsons or granddaughters still carry both Turkish and Israel passport. I have several friends who has both citizenships. Therefore, as long as Israel state hate Turks, this is not the situation between Turksih and Israel people. I came accross this ‘news’ and found it interesting. One last note: The things you are about read about Mavi Marmara is just about pure hatred and false information.

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