How to start a war: Turkey – Syria Tension

 A Turkish [unarmed] F-4 plane was gone missing  in the Syria early in the morning of friday. Later  PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan said there was unclear points so it was too early to comment. After 2 hours of security meeting, official statement said  that the warplane was shot down by Syria and pilots are still missing. While we were watching the TV for the comments of experts, Syrian officials made a statment saying that, “Turkish jet was 1 km inside of the Syrian soil therefore it was shot by an anti-aircraft.”

So after a long time of uncertainty today, it is official that Syria shot down a warplane of a friendly country. So what happens next?

Turkey is a member of NATO. Any threat against any member of NATO is bussines of every member. So this attack is not just against Turkey but also against whole NATO members. It is clear demonstration of hostility. I expect NATO to hold a meeting and try to take a decision.

It was really disturbing that foreign press was always pushing Turkey against a war with Syria. Especially U.S. media… Turkish government’s effort to stay away from a possible war was admirable. I appreciate the attitude. What happened today is huge however  Turkish Government kept cool and won a point whilst Syrian side acting ridiculously incautious.  It’s like they are asking for a war that never should happen, but if they force it, eventually they will have one. In case of war, Assad will face a strong military force which must be an unpleasant situation while the whole world against him already. It is irrational to start a war, isn’t it? So why shot an unarmed friendly plane?

No reason !  I tried to answer that question but… no… there is not a single rational reason. A few of columnist, both foreign and Turkish, indicated a conspiracy: ” It is Isreal who made the decision.” Quite horrific ! Hope that’s not true.

Another point, I presume U.S. naval forces (sixth fleet) which has presence in the Mediterranean and U.K. forces based in Cyprus will have something to say.

To sum up, in my opinion this attack may lead to a war that is inspired by international war lobby. Long shot, I hear you saying…  Why not? Take a look at Iraq war?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an experienced figure in the international arena. It takes a lot to take him down. I believe he will do what is necesary to keep country away from war. This is what should be done.

I will continue to notify you about updates.


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