Terrorist Attack Kills 8 Soldiers, 16 Wounded

Turkey woke up to face this ugly news in this morning. After a big attack in 2007, Dağlıca is hit again by terrorists for the second time with heavy weapons. It is reported that 8 Turkish soldiers killed and 16 wounded. Also 10 terrorists killed by Turkish forces.

Even though Dağlıca is 1800 km away from where I live, I feel the fear as it happens here. Yesterday, there was  police blockade in a pretty large area. That area is almost 1 km away from my home. Police found 10 kg of C-4 on the street and enclosed the area so that they can seize the terrorist. After a successful operation they captured the ‘bastard’.

Can you believe it?  10 kg C-4 explosive just 1 km away from where you live…  Terrorism in Turkey is more than just an American paranoia. This is actually happening. There is a war. People are being killed, millions of  lives threatened…

Since 1984  more than 40,000 people have been killed in the conflict.



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