The Country and The Blog

Turkey is one of the most interestingly funny places of the world. It is such kind of a country that I really have a hard time describing even in my mother language. It is unique. That’s for sure. But unique does not  neccesarily mean  good and precious all the time. I believe you can do the math…

This blog is intended to explain more about this large, funny, interesting  country without any racism, prejudice or politics. By politics, I mean that there will be no judgment in terms of politics. But there will be hell of a politics discussion. Politics, I believe,  is a tool, which can be  used to abuse and dispraise. In this regard I will not use politics to justify myself. Long story short, there will be no propaganda for Turkey, or against Turkey. Just unbiased opinions of a engineering student who is highly interested in ‘reading’ dynamics of his own country with objectivity. As in the picture above, this blog will be a photograph from space.

I am not going to delimitate the topics. There will be sports, personal experience, daily life, politics, history etc… Whatever comes to mind …

So, this is the end of first post. I hope you will enjoy this blog.



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